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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer and energy worker.

I’m a former network television news journalist.  After having spent 12 years in the news business in multiple news rooms and multiple markets working for ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates I left news to go into business for myself for many years.

And I left all that to do what I’ve really come here to do.  For this I’m so very lucky.  I’m here to write, share, evolve and empower others.  I’m a trained Reiki Master and have spent the past two decades on a soul journey.  I’m a trained meditation practitioner in several different modalities including Transcendental, Kriya, Sahaj and Zen Buddhist meditation.  I’m a disciple of the honorable Guruji Paramahansa Yogananda and the Self Realization Fellowship.  Guruji always said, “The greatest Master leads his disciple to the Master within.”  I’m a also a practitioner of the powerful U.I. techniques to help others learn to elevate their intuition and access whole brain intelligence. Universal Intelligence is pure consciousness.  It is our very nature.

A big proponent of energy work and healing I’m an avid believer in the power and benefits of positive thinking which is a manifestation of energy.  A thought is simply that – a manifestation of energy.  It is much like the law of attraction.  If you believe it and focus direct intention and energy towards it, manifestation will follow.  I’m a born intuitive and can read people and their auric fields and auras.  Not everything in this universe is tangible.  There is so much more to us and the energy fields around us.  The answers lie not only in the cosmos, but within each and every one of us through heightened awareness and through our super conscious.  I have spent the past many years on a soul journey, reading, writing, and in meditation, tapping into cosmic consciousness, in silence and otherwise in search of a higher truth.  I am a practitioner and disciple of ayurved and vaastu and apply the teachings of the vedas to everything in my life and energy fields that surround me.  I’ve spent the past fifteen years studying and learning the vedanta.  It is the greatest most powerful tool we have at our disposal and I’m happy to share my understanding and teachings in a way that enhances life and is applicable in every facet of our journey here in this incarnation.  I know my years of training and learning from some very incredible mentors and guides have helped me immensely along my spiritual path to heightened and greater awareness.  And for all of these insights I am truly blessed and humbled and forever grateful to all of the seers and sages for their guidance and mastery of the ancient arts.  I have devoted the second half of my life thus far to the spiritual path and it is truly why I was put here.  I’ve known of a calling that has dwelled deep within and now it is abundantly clear that my own awakening and my love of writing and people will allow me to make my greatest contribution in this incarnation.

I’ve been on a dedicated and mindful path to self actualization and self realization.  I’ve relied on silence, meditation alone and in groups, reading, writing, sitting with masters and Rinpoches, learning zen and the vedanta, practicing Reiki and sending energy across bodies of ocean.  I’ve received shakti path from my sensei which has awakened me and opened doors to greater levels of transformation.  I’ve explored hypnotherapy and study ayurved still, religiously.  I’m a disciple of Guruji Paramahansa Yoganada and the entire lineage before him, Guruji Sri Yukteswar Giri, Guruji Lahiri Mahasaya, and Maha Avtar Babaji.  I’ve been blessed to learn from and be a direct disciple of Yogiraj Satgurunath Ji, I owe him love and praise for sharing his light.  I owe these sages my love, heart and dedication for their light and love.  To Dr. Vasant Lad, I offer never ending gratitude for the wisdom he has bestowed upon me and all of his disciples.   I am a student of Landmark and the Sedona Method.  I’m an avid writer and reader of the many greats.  Some of my favorites – Kahlil Gibran, Maya Angelou, Rumi, Arundhati Roy, Susan Sontag, Thich Nhat Hahn, Dalai Lama, Nadine Gordimer, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Srini Pillay, Dale Carnegie, John Assaraf, John Steinbeck, Martha Beck, Caroline Myss, Adyashanti, Don Migel Ruiz, Paulo Coelho, Shakti Gawain,  just to name a few.

I hope to use my practice and understanding of mindfulness to help others on their spiritual path through my writings and work in the community.

I hope to use my many years of experience in the network news business and my own soul work to tell stories that matter and are meaningful.  Stories about people and issues close to the heart.  With my love of inspiration and meditation, higher consciousness and the vedas you will find me discovering and sharing awesome places, people and insights on a path to transformation and enlightenment.  I will also be featuring awesome people doing awesome things, making a difference, advocating, achieving, evolving, sharing, teaching, creating, volunteering, giving back, etc……  If you know of an awesome person I’d love to hear from you.  Please reach out to me so we can share their story.”


I also have just launched my non-profit – The Cool Fund and promise to be sharing stories about the work we’re doing to better the community.  I also will be sure to do my best to help people in dire need right here in the bay area.  The Cool Fund is a designated rescue fund for people who come on hard times and need help now.  Learn more at the –, a Northern California Non-Profit 501c3.

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