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reikiI am a trained energy healer and work predominantly with Reiki.  Reiki is a healing method through which the practitioner is channeling a higher consciousness healing energy.  Reiki can be given with hands on healing and direct contact through the hands by channeling energy to the person receiving the healing.  Reiki can also be sent distantly by channeling.  Reiki is a very powerful tool and healing method to help people suffering from all sorts of ailments.

I’m a Reiki Master healer and offer both in person healing and distant healings to people.  I have been working with energy for many years and have a huge following of people who request healing here locally in the bay area and around the world.

To schedule a healing session please contact me here.  If you’d like distant healing we will have an initial consultation to provide details about the process and procedure and what you should expect.  It may take me up to 48 hours to get back to you because of the extensive energy work I’m doing, but I promise to be in touch.

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Reiki is administered for the following: the sick, weak, healing from surgery, tumors, car accidents, anxiety, grief, depression, back pain, fertility problems, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, MS, Lou Gehrigs, senior care patients and others.  reiki_course_600x248









Please note Reiki does not promise cures to serious ailments, but aids considerably in offering peace, less pain, a much quicker healing method and potential and possible remission to serious diseases.   Reiki has been known to put serious ailments in remission.  Reiki is a very very powerful method of energy work that has been tried and tested the world over with thousands of energy workers carrying the light of their healing hands to aid the sick and weak.


Reiki is a channeled source of energy that sends love and light.  Reiki is all about working with positive energy and a higher vibration to clear the chakras and energy fields or blockages that may be keeping one from his or her highest potential whether that be through a health ailment and healing process or on their life path.

Many people use and request Reiki for clearing energy frequencies so they can become more attune with themselves and their unique talents and gifts and live a more heart centered, balanced and empowered life.

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