What Goes Around Comes Around

Is Karma really real? Well does what go around always come around? Yes it does. Karma is essentially synonymous with the famous phrase, ‘what goes around comes around.’ They are one in the same. It all equates to energy, life force. Our chi. Whatever we put out into the universe comes back to us. When we love life, life loves us back. When we are negative we generally don’t get positive results. When we say bad things about people, people are not speaking highly of us. When we send out bad vibes, we receive bad vibes. This is not a coincidence. When we love life, life gives us vibrance. When we are positive and optimistic, the possibilities and opportunities are abundant. When we have conviction and a strong belief in the beauty of life we manifest incredible things for ourselves. It’s all energy. Energy is responsive. For every action we put out into the universe there is a reaction. Perhaps we don’t always put two and two together because reactions are not instantaneous. It is only upon reflection of a bad reaction to something, a negative consequence or result that we actually ponder what and why. Even then we don’t always put two and two together. However upon deeper reflection there is always a correlation among circumstances. It’s a concept that takes sincere introspection. I work on this daily. I see how my actions and words today may affect me tomorrow. Tomorrow I will consider how the days events are related or correlate to something that happen days gone by or relates to my own actions in that moment. Nonetheless every action correlates to some other action. The same as every action having a reaction. Energy is always reciprocative. As is positivity.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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