I Will Survive – How I Turned My Hardships Into Triumphs


They call it traumatic growth syndrome. It’s how you can literally take all the struggles and use those struggles as stepping stones to your inner greatness.

Greatness resides within each and every one of us. And this inner strength is there waiting to be awakened at any moment.

It lies dormant until life beckons it’s presence and with little hesitation that inner hero jumps to his or her feet and takes it as it comes.

 - see the challenges as beautiful blessings to learn and grow from.xoxosue

see the challenges as beautiful blessings to learn and grow from.



And generally we surprise ourselves at how well we can handle the b.s. by the time we’re in our late thirties and beyond. By our forties it’s cake.

We take it as it comes and lay it down or send it back exactly where it came from with little or no thought, just greater awareness. It happens.

As we age and have less tolerance and greater understand we are better equipped to deal with challenges and little snags that come up.

Things that might’ve driven us crazy when we were younger we handle with calm and reason. We are less emotionally attached because we attach less as we get older.

We have clarity that gives us the deeper insights into life. We are more grounded. More comfortable. More at peace. You begin to live more for you as you get older and less for others.

And you still love and honor those around you, but you just do it more powerfully because you’re wiser. You understand time and the value of connections. You understand the power and necessity of forgiveness.

And you have greater empathy and compassion. You generally have less tolerance for nonsensical things and zero tolerance for drama. You’ve evolved.

And with the passing of time hopefully we continue to evolve. And we continue to grow and accept each new stage with grace and wonder at the evolution it will bring to us and the light it will bestow us with.


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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