Bertha Beronda – A Bay Area O.G.

Yes, O.G. Original Gangsta in the house with Bertha.

Beronda has a colorful and checkered past that deserves mention. She was a notorious one of kind rebel who was ahead of her time. Progressive beyond her years and beyond the times she was tough as nails and sharp as a tack.

Charged with Mayhem – today it would be so different. We’ve come a long way and ladies back in the day could get a hefty charge for an assault on a cheating husband. Bertha was charged with Mayhem. And for those times that was quite notorious for a lady to land in jail and on the stand in trial.

However Bertha was not your run of the mill gal. She was a rebel who was defiant in making her point even if meant drawing blood from her all too swooning husband.. She was up to things and determined to put an end to his philandering ways.

On January 15, 1908 Bertha Beronda appeared in a San Jose courtroom facing a charge of Mayhem. She entered a plea of emotional insanity as her defense.

Captain Frank Beronda of the local fire department was alleging he had been maimed by his wife Bertha who took a razor to him and caused grave bodily harm.

She was arrested in men’s attire wearing her brother’s garments to spy on her husband who had a wandering eye and gaze that lead him into the arms of other women. She claimed it was a sense of overwhelming jealousy that lead to her to the point of causing her cheating husband harm.

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