america’s fastest woman sha’CArri richardson and why she’s so worthy

Sha’Carri Richardson is blazing a trail of greatness and has no plans on slowing down.

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Cancel culture and its evolution

crowd of people black and white photo

Over the past few years, Cancel Culture has grown in popularity but what people consider to be a new trend/movement has actually been around for much longer. Without adopting the name, Cancel Culture has previously been known as public shaming. Embedded into society and popular culture, such actions were visible in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and […]

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Juneteenth | it’s official

Juneteenth is officially a holiday and it’s about 155 years overdue. What it represents and why we should celebrate this day. Happy Juneteenth, but the work continues.

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The Real story of emily doe

Chanel Miller

The real story of Emily Doe is appauling, sad, heroic and healing. You might not know her by her actual name, but you’ve heard of her by the pseudonym that she was given to protect her identity. Emily Doe was a young California woman who was raped by Stanford athlete Brock Turner, who was nearly […]

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