Data Privacy | How Private Is It?

person using black laptop computer

LOSING OUR PRIVATE LIVES TO THE ONLINE WORLD | DATA PRIVACY MIGHT NOT BE SO PRIVATE These days it seems our whole lives are on the internet. Socializing, entertainment and work all take place in front of a screen. But where does all this work and information go and what happens to it? We live […]

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The Lady Of The Hour | Katanji Brown Jackson

KATANJI BROWN JACKSON THE FIRST BLACK FEMALE SUPREME COURT NOMINEE History making moments are just that. A wrinkle in time that will go down in history such is the case for Katanji Brown Jackson. As the first black female Supreme Court justice her legacy will be large. Her vision far greater than the bench she […]

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Performative Living | The Never-Ending Up Keep

four women sitting inside fendi cinema

WHAT IS PERFORMATIVE LIVING? What is performative living? It’s putting on the ritz for the world. Performative living may have you ON all the time. In many cases it’s being done by celebrities or egotists who need a lot of attention or validation. And then once they’ve received it an overbearing need to keep on […]

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Activist Opal Lee’s Tireless Fight

WHO IS OPAL LEE? Who is Opal Lee you say? Well for some who’ve known what she’s been up to for about seventy five years she’s a legend. She’s a powerhouse and fighter. She’s got grit and tenacity that doesn’t seem to quit. And she is the living embodiment of living a life full of […]

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Friendly Reminder | Climate Change Is Real

climate road landscape people

So yes, we bring this up from time to time again. We feel compelled to reinforce this and present new data around the very fact that this is happening irrespective of the ways in which the masses will lie to themselves about it. And all we have to say is you can lie up and […]

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Masking | The New Trend | To Mask Or Not To Mask

person wearing black mask

IS MASKING THE NEW NORM? HOW LONG WILL YOU KEEP MASKING? Is wearing a mask becoming trendy? To wear or not to wear? The million dollar question…… With mask mandates slowly loosening across the country some are choosing to keep masking. For good reason I suppose. I personally have gotten really used to masking and […]

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