Monsanto Is Evil And Let’s Not Forget It

variety of vegetables on display

HOW EVIL IS MONSANTO? How evil and scandalous is Monsanto? It’s a long story, a tale of epic proportions that seemingly never ends. A tall tale of triumph and tragedy by an evil giant who seems to never have enough. Monsanto is now owned by Bayer which sheds some light into the vastness of its […]

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THE ACCEPTABLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS We are all too familiar with the mid-life crisis. The men buy sports cars and wear a dead half animal on their head, whilst the women start juice cleanses, go on yoga retreats and begin redecorating. Even though this panic is experienced during a very stable point in someone‚Äôs […]

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John DeLorean | Before There Was An Elon Musk

John DeLorean

Well before there ever even was an Elon Musk there was John DeLorean. Perhaps DeLorean is Elon’s muse. JOHN DELOREAN | VISIONARY So in my book the Original Gangster or O.G. will always be the real O.G. no matter what comes after. Let’s just say Elon Musk will never be John DeLorean. And before you […]

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