Are Screen Romances And Rom Coms Rewiring How We See Love?

a couple kissing each other

ARE ROM-COMS DELUDING THOUGHTS AND REWIRING HOW WE SEE LOVE? Is screen romance aka rom com rewiring us? We love to fantasise. The media has done a good job of spurring on our romantic thoughts to create the idea of ‘The One’ or the desire to experience that epic movie magic of kissing in the […]

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The Threat Of Facebook Is Real

macbook pro on brown wooden table

WHY FACEBOOK MIGHT BE THE GREATEST THREAT Why might Facebook just be the greatest threat? In 2016 things started getting really wild so to speak on a lot of online portals, namely Facebook, the biggest culprit. With more than 4 billion users the potential to spread not only information and access huge masses of people, […]

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Google and the world Brain


GOOGLE – THE NUCLEUS OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB Google is a nucleus of sort. It’s the brain of the internet. It essentially is what makes up the world brain. Google is the backbone of the world wide web, the magnifier of it absolutely in the utmost exponential way. What could be bigger than this? […]

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