Just Relax

healthyliving5.3Why is this daily ritual so important?     Relaxing and unwinding are as essential as eating and sleeping.  Mediation and yoga is food for the soul.  We all store stress in our bodies.  We carry stress in our backs, shoulders, hands, all over.  Just as we have to nourish our bodies with food and exercise we have to nourish our minds with yoga and meditation.  Yoga does for the soul what food does for our bodies.  Proven physiological benefits of yoga are countless.  Yoga restores our center and helps us detox and release all of the negative toxins we store in our bodies.  My years of meditation have helped me with sleep, helped me to be more dynamic, more balanced and more centered.  When we we take quite time to stretch our bodies, be in the moment and quite our minds we rejuvenate our over-active brains.  Just 5 minutes of meditation a day can give us 30 more  minutes of production value.  When we take those few moments we come out much more dynamic and ready for the task at hand.  It also is a known and proven stress reliever that helps us respond and process everything in our lives much more receptively and calmly.  I think it’s worth the 5-20  minutes a day.  Don’t you?  Start small if it feels overwhelming.  Five minutes.  Find a quite space.  Sitting still.  Back erect.  Eyes closed. Cell phones off .  And just breathe and be.  Ahhhh.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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