Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama – The Greatest Selling Female Artist Of All Time

Yoyoi Kusama – the greatest selling female artist’s story to stardom is a long and hard fought journey full of grit and perseverance. Her success did not come easy. Giving up was not an option. Hence she ultimately arrived.

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The Genius Of Dmx

For those who are not attuned to rap, hip/hop the o.g.’s of the game then perhaps you’ve overlooked a great. His songs were meshed with prophetic genius of a hard childhood and mistrust of the adults around him. It’s this hard childhood that made him the warrior he became. A fighter, a hardcore ruff ryder. […]

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Leaders From The Civil Rights Movement Everyone Should Know

So while there are too many to name and so many great civil rights activists and people who were part of this movement – I’m naming some of the greats and my favorites here. I’ve been wanting to share this because I’ve always known and felt deeply of the injustices that blacks the world over […]

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