Compassionate Listening – What A Gift

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Compassionate listening is the greatest gift we can give.  It is also one of the greatest paths to mindfulness.  Mindfulness means to be awakened and operate from a place of heightened awareness.

Compassionate listening teaches us that all living beings are interconnected.  We are all one.  It is one cosmic consciousness.  The energy I put out in the world will come back to me in a cyclical way and will reverberate to others making it one kinetic frequency.  We are all connected in the universe through energy.

The energy I receive is what others in my circumference and beyond are putting out towards me.

When we listen from heart space to someone’s heavy heart we begin to connect with them on a human level.  This is when we begin to see we are all one. This is when we begin to connect on a heart level and from a place of higher consciousness.  This is the purpose of life.  This is how we should be connecting with everyone.

The act of compassionate listening allows us to see the world separate from ourselves but connected to others in a way that we are all actually one.  We see the human condition.  We see and feel our pain in them and their pain inside of us. This is the path to greater empathy and the path of empathy ultimately lends itself to greater awareness.

Listen to Thich Nhat Hanh talk about the power of compassionate listening here.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.