Why Cracking Up Is So Good – Laugh A Lot

Sure we’ve all heard the famous phrase, “laughter is the best medicine.” And you know many times we have to actually consider a lot of these sayings and quotes and euphemisms cause they hold great truths.

So science didn’t just start proving this, but obviously with time and continued research there is even more evidence of the fact that laughter is truly a great benefic.

It’s much like frowning. Frowning takes way more effort and muscle use then smiling. That’s why naturally it’s just feels easier to smile. It’s effortless if you’re in a flow state.

And this I believe is the greatest reason you should laugh. It puts you in flow state. And this is the most effortless and relaxed state we can be in. We are in harmony with life and with others. We are more present. We respond with greater awareness and when we live in this way we open ourselves up to a much deeper experience in this incarnation.

There’s nothing like totally cracking up from the heart. We feel freer in the aftermath and that is a beautiful way to feel.

And while I share plenty of laughs with others it’s always good to just sit and read something funny or watch something funny. It’s put you a more elevated space of awareness. You’re liberated even if just for those few moments.

Here are some of those benefits according to science.

  • Can reduce anxiety and stress.

  • Can reduce blood pressure.

  • Acts as an immune booster.

  • It’s a natural anti-depressant.

  • Good for your cardio-vascular system.

  • Relieves Pain.

  • Burns Calories

    Yes. You can actually burn off calories with a good belly laugh.

A few recommendations for some laughs below.

Netflix – search comedy – I particularly love the stand up. So much incredible content out there we should all be learning from and growing from.

Slomo – a piece that will just light you up and warm your heart. It’s a beautiful side of humanity we don’t always see. It’s inspiring to say the least.

And while this may not be what you had in mind I leave you with something that just warms my heart and a great example of the power of laughter.

Watch. It’s contagious. I swear.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.