The Greatest Advice I Was Ever Given

The greatest advice I was ever given was not a sweet sentence meant to ease life. The greatest advice I was ever given were not soft spoken words that were easy to digest. The greatest advice I was given and when I say I great I mean the best advice I was given that would help me cope with life all of the ups and especially the downs was – “Life is tough. You have to be strong.”When we’re down and out we usually want to hear an oh I’m sorry and I hope it gets better and that’s awful. I wish I could make it easier. You poor thing and as much we want to hear this and stay in some state of victimhood it’s not what we need to hear. People feeling sorry for me maybe in the moment is what I’ve wanted and we’ve all wanted, but it never really makes us feel better. It just perpetuates the pain and keeps us in a state of sorrow and victimhood. And while I’m not here to detract from pain and grief which I think is very necessary to truly build resolve we really need someone to say well that sucks, but that’s life and get over it to some extent. This has been the greatest advice ever because it taught me a great lesson. It taught me that yes life really is tough and can really truly suck a lot of the times, but that’s life. I feel so lucky to have gotten this finally. I think it’s really truly getting this in some wholehearted way that you are able to find some sense of peace. Life is not all peachy keen happy go lucky fluff. It’s the school of hard knocks. We are here to learn and evolve. And while life can be really awesome and we can have many highs life is and always will have many downs and challenges and struggles. In my understanding of life and my belief this is our karma. These are our lessons. This is why I do not believe in one life and believe in reincarnation. We don’t all have the same experiences and same lessons because we are all working out our different karma nd soul evolutions at different stages.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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