Life Is Tough But So Are You

Life is tough, but so are you! It’s hard enough just getting through it, but sometimes life throws us a curve ball out of left field.  It’s these ups and downs and mountains and valleys that make us, shape us and mold us.There are those moments we want to walk away from it all.  Just give up, but it’s in these moments of struggle, helplessness, and despair that we rise.  It is in these dark moments that the warrior comes to her feet.  A long cry, a helpless day or two later the warrior stands tall.  She is back in her element. She has come to understand the trials and tribulations of life.  She knows what she must do next.  She knows now what she contends with.  She is ready for the next step of her journey.  The lesson instilled deep inside her soul to her deepest core.  She is resilient and will charge full steam ahead.  She is fierce and mighty.  She is learned.  An existentialist.  She’s done the work and has a clear understanding of the lesson in her wake.  The strength in her bones and the might in her heart!She will go softly into the night gliding like an angel on wings of air sprinkling pixie dust along the way.Life is so very tough, but I’m not a quitter, but a fighter.  A lover and a survivor.  I love life and I’ve found even in the painful times if I can have the resolve and remain resolute in the end life always loves me back.My tears turn into glory.  My pain into passion.  My heart made of gold.  Onward I follow destiny towards the light.For more inspiration and if you want to blossom your awesome – check out my free mini-course or my master class.  www.blossomyourawesome.comLearn the amazing art of self-inquiry.  The answers you seek are inside.For a free copy of my LITE – Look Inside To Enlightenment Guide – Click Here! 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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