Present Moment – Be Here Now

Present moment, be here now.  My thoughts take me back in time.  I sit in ponderance of it all.  In reminisce.  I am not here in this moment, but there.It’s good at times to be with the moment, let what may, come.  Thoughts even in deep meditation are not to be avoided and evaded.  We are taught to let them come.  Don’t need to hold on to them, but allow them in and then powerfully release them out to the ethers.  Let them evaporate into thin air.  Let them go quicker than they came, but this notion is only for the deepest seekers.For all of us as humans there is so much we are encouraged to do and so much we are discouraged to do.  It’s ok to sit with your thoughts even if they are from your past or even if your mind cannot sit in this moment and wants to wander into some distant future.  This too is ok.  It’s all ok.  As long we in short order bring our awareness back to the present.It is not ok or healthy, hardly powerful and absolutely not empowering to live in the past.  We can have the thought and we shall have our moment to process that thought and we shall have even the next moment to think about that and be with that thought, but in the coming moments we should come back to the present or we will miss this very moment.Being here now is key to living a deep and rich life.One of my favorite books for bringing me back to present awareness is by one of my favorite people and most profoundly anointed beings – the Honorable Thich Nhat Hanh.  Guruji has been one of my greatest teachers in life.  ‘You Are Here’ one of my favorite topics on the practice and power of being mindful and in the present moment.  Do check it out for some deep and awe-inspiring insights into the art of mindfulness.  You’ll be happy you did.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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