Rounding Up The Terrorists From January 6th

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Rounding up the terrorists from January 6th has an awfully patriotic ring to it doesn’t it?

We like taking comfort out of something good that comes out of something awfully bad. Of course we wish the bad occurrence hadn’t happened in the first place, but the good that follows, that wheel of karma that chases the culprits down is one we should all take if not great joy, but a little comfort in.

That is the joy we are reveling in knowing the culprits of the January 6th terrorist attack are being rounded up one by one in what the Feds are calling the largest full scale operation in the F.B.I.’s history.

And the beauty of this lies not in the horrors of that day and the heinousness and audacity of carrying a racist confederate flag into the halls of the capitol, but in the fact that the hour is upon us for the culprits to be called to task.


Did I say we are reveling in this? Oh, ok. Redundancy when it’s good news is like being extra positive, I suppose.

Well we are being repetitious to drive it home. We want to make it abundantly clear and let me tell you after sitting back and watching the brazen attack and understanding the grave sense of racism affirmed on that very day it is a good feeling. A great feeling to know at least some of these hateful people will have to return to a hall of justice not as a homegrown vigilante terrorist, but as a federally prosecuted criminal who will see his or her day in court.

Let’s not deny the obvious truth or downplay what came to light on that day. We all know had these been black men they would’ve been shot dead on the steps and as I watched there were immense emotions bubbling up inside of me.

I couldn’t understand why they weren’t being shot. I couldn’t understand why the federal police where not handling this mob with tear gas and granted if they did not have tear gas why not? They knew about this, but because the culprits where white they made different preparations. Sent a handful of cops to line the steps and gave these white men the benefit of the doubt. Gave them undue credit and that in and of itself is racist.

Assuming you need tear gas and planning for it during a “Black Lives Matter” protest, but for these guys it was just a handful of officers who went easy on them. Ok so you don’t have tear gas, but what about firing off up in the air and scurrying them off with some gun fire.

That’s been the attitude at all of the protests where black men showed up, but here the cops didn’t fire. They were passive. Why?

Utterly flabbergasted at the gall of the men and women. It would never ever occur to black men and women or minority men and women to ever attempt this because we’ve been put in “our places” by the entitled for far too long.

To say we’d be foolish to attempt such a thing very well could be the understatement of the century.


The idea that the world’s super power could be lead by a lying cowardice ring leader leading his herd or sheeple to stage a coup. Preposterous? Yes. But it happened.

And while America reigns supreme as the world’s super power with the mightiest military force and enough nukes to take out each and every single continent, America is a young country, vastly ignorant with a huge majority of uneducated people who know little to nothing about the rest of the world, culture, literature and history. Many of the people who landed on the footsteps of the capitol that day to keep their leader in tact have never ever even stepped foot outside of America.

And on that day as the terrorists marched on with their confederate flags, maga hats squeezing tight what little oxygen was flowing to their brains, hot dogs in hand they marched and had the nerve to call themselves patriots.

America’s forefathers surely turning in their graves at the mockery that was made of the constitution on that day.

And of course we have some of the brightest and most brilliant among us, but I’m talking about the likes of those that amassed at the footsteps of the capitol, entitled, many even illiterate and certainly ignorant.

Little did they know the feds would be coming for them a year later.

Round Em’ Up!


The Federal Bureau of Investigation along with the prosecuting D.A. of the Southern District of Columbia, and the Attorney General Karl A Racine who happens to be a Haitian American, god I love the irony, have been hard at work every single day since the January 7th, 2021 in the wake of the January 6th attack on the nations capitol.

The wondrous way in which God works. Do you think these terrorist had any foresight about their fate and having to answer to a black man a year later? I think not, but we’re so tickled at the thought of it.

A select committee established to do the due diligence to ensure justice resounds.

Funny to think, they actually were so emboldened and entitled they thought they were going to just get away with it.

We love surprises. Don’t you?

The egriougiousness with which it was carried out and the callous nature of the terrorist, audaciously claiming patriotism, the altogether absurdity and stupidity, unconscionable.

We idle in this moment of Justice, that while they may have gotten away with it on that day because of the color of their skin, they too will pay the price of terror on our nation.


And it is our sincere hope that the gavel of Justice will ring true, hard and loud and be color blind and hand a mighty heavy hand to those un-patriotic terrorists who know little about history and a whole hell of a lot about entitlement.

Let the hand of justice weigh so heavy that this sort of thing never occur to another entitled American again. Let them serve out sentences into old age the same way black men are handed a hundred years with a pound of a gavel for a drug deal.

Is it not enough to claim a land that belonged to natives as rightfully yours simply because the color of your skin? For those who reigned terror on that day it was not. They had to act out the blind and egregiously entitled claim in a manner that should have them deported to where ever they and their forefathers hail from.

Wrap your head around that.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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