Crisis On Steroids | The Federal Moratorium On Housing

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The federal moratorium on housing is coming to an end and the results will be catastrophic for thousands who will be left out in the cold amid a public health safety crisis.

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Rick Rubin | A Sage Of Sorts

Rick Rubin is a sage among us. Worldly success, fame, fortune, countless accolades and credits that leave other music moguls in the dust. Even with all that he wants more out of life. He’s on a soul journey to transcend beyond the here and now.

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MET GALA 2021 | The Leaked Guest list

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The Met Gala 2021 is lack luster with social media influencers as some of the invitees. What was once a high profile all out celebrity affair may be losing credibility.

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Into the Future Or Back In Time | Exploring Time Travel

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2021 IS FULL OF TIME TRAVELERS The concept of time travel, whilst an exciting one seems to be a world away from its inclusion into real life. A concept brought to life through your favourite movies such as ‘Back to the Future’, the time travel/future life genre has begun to change. A comparison from the […]

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the creation of adam painting by michael angelo

The NFT art scene is taking off and taking the digital art world by storm. Non fungible tokens and the digital art scene are scaling fast estimated at $2 Billion.

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Obsessing Over Val | A MusT Watch

Val is a must watch for not just fans, but everyone. A brilliantly mastered documentary showing the incredible life of Hollywood legend Val Kilmer beyond the silver screen.

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The Skinny On Skinny Privilege

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The skinny is here on what it’s like to be skinny. There is an abundance of privilege for the waify stick like. Is this truly a thing? Yes.

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