Meek Mill Doing Big Good Things

Meek Mill is vowing big to help a million or more. Will he do it? It’s likely he will.

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Where Have All The Cults Gone?

light fashion people woman

Where have all the cults gone? What do cults of today look like? Let’s take a deep dive and contemplate on cults now and then……

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Our Love Of True Crime

monochrome photo of men sitting in front of bar counter

What is it about our fascination and perhaps even infatuation with true crime? Why do we dig it the way we do? What is about true crime that makes it’s so enamoring?

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Howard Bloom | A Legend Among Us

Howard Bloom is a character of epic proportions. His colorful life paints a storied picture of what geniuses are made of? His thirst for knowledge astoundingly prophetic. And affirmation of the enormous power of deep thought.

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Art | The Greatest Investment You’ll Ever Make

woman sitting on ottoman in front of three paintings

If you’re into fine art, then art very well may be the greatest investment you’ll ever make. Ok we’ve all heard about the staggering price art is fetching these days. Let’s take Boticelli’s masterpiece that just fetched 45 million dollars at Sotheby’s. Here is some food for thought if you’re thinking about expanding your investment […]

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The Massive Scale Of The Hunga Tonga Volcano Eruption

Hunga Tonga Volcano

Hunga Tonga, formally known as the Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai, dispersed ash over the area as far away as 40 miles into the the Tongan Capital, Nuku’alofa. PERSPECTIVE ON THE ENORMITY OF THE HUNGA TONGA VOLCANO Good to have a little perspective and it seems distance always aids in that. So chew on that for, just a […]

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Rounding Up The Terrorists From January 6th

grayscale photo of concrete building

ROUND EM’ UP! Rounding up the terrorists from January 6th has an awfully patriotic ring to it doesn’t it? We like taking comfort out of something good that comes out of something awfully bad. Of course we wish the bad occurrence hadn’t happened in the first place, but the good that follows, that wheel of […]

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Government Corruption Rampant In The U.K.

palace at winchester london

Is the Current UK Government the Most Corrupt Ever? Drugs, bribes, dodgy deals, law-breaking, and extramarital affairs. Such is the sleazy precedent set by the current UK government under the leadership of Boris Johnson. While Conservative parties everywhere find the core values they seek to maintain change over time, the only thing being conserved in […]

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Glimpsing The Future | Facebook’s Metaverse

photography of a contemporary hallway

To better answer the question “what is the metaverse” and why Facebook’s vision for the future may not fulfill its promise, we need to look no further than its predecessor, the original Second Life, a virtual world now largely abandoned. Launched in 2003, Second Life represented the new millennium’s vision for digital life. The idea was […]

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