About Sue

Sue Dhillon | Writer | Journalist | Trainer

Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, trainer and energy worker.

She is the founder of Sues Blues.

She teaches Mindfulness and Mindful communication and is a trained and certified Reiki Master and energy worker.

Sue is a former network journalist

After more than a decade in the network news business having worked in multiple tv newsrooms in multiple markets for ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates Sue launched suesblues as a space for original storytelling, connecting with others and offering voice to locals with a story to tell, writers and journalists with ideas and inspiration to share.

The platform is now an open space for contributing writers and up and coming journalists wanting to share their voice or content.

I love inspiration and have dedicated this space to sharing content from writers and journalists who love their craft.

A little about me – I founded suesblues.com as a platform to share my passion for storytelling and connecting with other gifted writers who want to tell stories that have not been told.

It is also an inspirational space that was created as a means for budding writers and journalists to have a voice and platform for sharing powerful stories that provoke thought, evoke emotion, bring awareness and encourage positive change.

It is my sincere calling to connect with people doing awesome things and help facilitate that for incredible creatives around the world.

You can find me interviewing awesome people. Sharing their stories and covering cool stuff in and around the bay and at times outside of the bay.

And you can find stories from writers in other parts of their world bringing their own unique voice and writing to the fore.

We’d love to have you pitch us your awesome story idea.

Check out my other platform – Blossom Your Awesome.