The Push To Oust Newsom | California’s REcall election

american flag themed high heels on wooden surface

California’s Recall Election may have big consequences. Why pushing Newsom out could be catastrophic for the state. Perhaps he should stay?

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The Pfizer Boob Job | Is It A Myth?

woman in teal and pink bikini

Pfizer vaccine is giving women a big boost in the bust. Some are reporting huge gains in the chest as one of the side effects even coining it the “free boob job.”

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fighting to keep our masks on or suffocating without them

woman in mask holding toilet paper

Some of us are fighting to keep our masks on and we are pleased with the updated mask mandate. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Here’s a breakdown of the state by state mask mandate. A few days ago, I was at a public event where there were many people wearing masks and even more […]

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America’s Polypharmacy Epidemic

photo medication pills on white plastic container

Polypharmacy is the practice of over prescribing prescription pills to patients. You know at least one person who is taking a medication they no longer need, but have not been taken off by their doctor.

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anonymous person with binoculars looking through stacked books

SEXUAL ASSAULT WITHIN U.K.’S EDUCATION SYSTEM Back in Spring 2021, a website grew in notability over in the UK. Named Everyone’s Invited, the platform made headlines as it unveiled the extent of rape culture within schools and universities across the country. Over the past few years there has been an uprising by people who have experienced […]

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