8,000 Times – What Does That Say?

colorful carousel against cathedral on red square at new year night

8,000 times what does this say exactly? How do we come to master anything in life? We have to do it over and over again.

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The Real story of emily doe

Chanel Miller

The real story of Emily Doe is appauling, sad, heroic and healing. You might not know her by her actual name, but you’ve heard of her by the pseudonym that she was given to protect her identity. Emily Doe was a young California woman who was raped by Stanford athlete Brock Turner, who was nearly […]

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Ayurveda And Energy

Herbal Remedies

Ayurveda, derived from the concept of Ayurvedic medicine, is a healing system introduced in India about 5000 years ago.

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Google and the world Brain


GOOGLE – THE NUCLEUS OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB Google is a nucleus of sort. It’s the brain of the internet. It essentially is what makes up the world brain. Google is the backbone of the world wide web, the magnifier of it absolutely in the utmost exponential way. What could be bigger than this? […]

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James altucher teaches us how to choose ourselves

James Altucher

If you had to choose what would that actually look like? What does choosing yourself even mean? CHOOSE YOURSELF Have you ever chosen something other than yourself? James Altucher has. He’s a writer, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, podcaster, poker addict and quite frankly a modern day genius. He’s amassed great wealth, in the several million […]

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……And The flowers Showered: osho Revisited

Rajneesh the Indian teacher hailed as a guru was known to utter prolific words. More of a preacher, he was, also known as Osho was an oddly insecure man irrespective of the charismatic front. He didn’t much practice what he preached. And he had a dark past that cast even darker shadows on what could’ve […]

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One Day In the Haram | wow

One day in the haram gives us an incredibly intimate access inside one of the most sacred places on earth. Only Muslims can enter the holy city.

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