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Suesblues is an independent platform with a focus on arts and culture, wellness and op-eds.

We are looking to give writers and journalists a voice and a means to contribute original content that provokes thought and encourages open mindedness and discussion.

We are interested in exceptional writing. We seek out writers who are honest, raw and are interested in expanding awareness and teaching through their work.

We are seeking integral contributions from local independent journalists and writers who are focused on exceptional craftsmanship and avid detail to the content they create.

We want to make a difference by sharing stories that don’t get the voice or platforms they deserve by exceptional journalists who are wanting to make an impact at large.


Suesblues welcomes submissions year round.


  • We do not solicit your writing.
  • We encourage work from published and unpublished writers and journalists of all identities.
  • Work must be original and will only be considered if it is unpublished.
  • We will not consider writing that has already been published in English, whether in a book, magazine, newspaper, or accessible on any other online platform or community.
  • We have a 1,500 word limit.
  • We are interested in thought provoking articles on arts and culture, wellness and op-eds; we do not publish academic essays.
  • All work is read and approved by our editors.
  • Your work will have a link to your bio or portfolio wherever that is housed on the internet.


  • Please send only one article before sending more submissions. You are free to submit again as soon as you get a response.
  • Please do not submit revisions of work we’ve already considered.
  • Submissions should be seo friendly and have suggested tags you’d like us to use.
  • Also – you can submit directly into the body of an email with live links for seo purposes.
  • Feel free to submit the same work to other magazines simultaneously. If your entire submission is accepted elsewhere, please submit a withdraw request – with the subject line withdraw.


Please email submissions to – write@suesblues.com


All submissions are considered for online publication. The rights to the work belong to you and your work is clearly labeled and linked to your own bio or site. You will be designated a contributor to the suesblues.com platform.

We do not currently pay for submissions, but are working on this actively and will in the future be offering payment for work.

Early contributors will be most relied on for regular contributions.


We do also accept video content – short feature stories that are original and have not been published elsewhere.


Book reviews with a special bent, interesting facts, revisiting authors, experts, ideas in the arts. We love sharing interesting facts and little known details. We love sharing about new up and coming trends and other things of importance.