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6 Biggest Climate Change Threats

Americans are facing 6 climate dangers. We break them down for you here. Tell you why you should care and what you should do.

Climate change is a very real thing and there a 6 big climate change threats that are looming large before us with the potential to harm us, our families and earth to the point of extinction. Climate change matters because we live here. It’s our planet. We need it. Our children need it. We need to leave it in a way that is useable, occupy-able, sustainable for them.

Climate Change
Climate Change | Photo by Artem Podrez

Imagine if the world we lived in was a me, me, me kind of world. Oh wait, I take that back. I think that is the world we live in. However that does not make it sustainable. That way of seeing the planet, earth and the future of earth does not serve any of us long term. Some of us may have far fewer years left here than others, but again we cannot live in a selfish world with a selfish attitude that brushes off the idea of


Last week the Biden administration gave the first glimpse at results of the climate adaptation plans for 23 agencies. Those departments consist of the – the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, the Department of Agriculture, Homeland Security, Transportation and Commerce. The plans warn of potential threats to Americans in every single aspect of life. There won’t be much running, but contemplation after the findings has surpassed dire. The results suggest we take extreme caution and great care with this new information and figure out what the boiling hell if anything we can do about it.

The Feds had tried this before under the Obama Administration. This was a key component to his election and very much at the fore of his administration’s ideology, however Trump came in spewing falsehoods and the sheeple followed. It’s quite pervasively known that most Trump supporters do not believe in Climate Change not because they have read about it or have any substantive opinion based in science or evidence, but because their puppet master told them so.

Simpletons are easy in that way. You tell them something and if they like you they’ll believe it. And I know for some this comes off is harsh, but we call it like it is over here. We’re not here to piss people off, but if we do then perhaps we doing some good in the world – calling people out and not just turning a blind eye to facts based in substantial figures.

However climate change is a little more complicated. We can see it all around us so it’s fairly hard to deny and for those of us who rely on reason and facts, data and science the evidence before our eyes, only corroborates that data.

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Climate Change And Our Oceans | Photo by Marta Ortigosa


The 6 biggest climate change threats facing us right now are –

  • Agriculture – rising temperatures, more pests, inevitable drought, soil quality, wildfires and California’s ongoing water shortage threatens to diminish our food supply chain across most states. The Coming Global Crisis is very real.
  • Transportation – the hotter planet will make it more costly to move and transport food and supplies from state line to state line and the cost of painting roads and bridges is expected to increase exponentially
  • Energy – While the Department of Energy is hard work finding ways to conserve and do better the sites where testing is being conducted around the clock are in grave threat of erosion and other obvious climate deterioration. This is perhaps one of the greatest threats as sources diminish and supply is short of demand.
  • Homeland Security – the ongoing natural disasters, i.e., floods, storms, tsunamis threaten people across the globe so their inevitable need for safety will branch out across borders the world over
  • Defense – the Department of Defense may inevitably feel the impact of the hotter climate as water shortages not just here, but in other parts of the world pose a real threat to safety and the military’s ability to protect and preserve in the way it’s meant to. Extreme weather conditions will no doubt hinder their ability to the job well.
  • Commerce – this one seems to be at the bottom of the checklist for good reason. The overwhelming amount of applications may falter to get processed as more and more people and corporations come up with ideas and technology needing to be patented geared towards climate change.


We want you to go green and truly begin thinking about the threat and understanding the threat of Global warming is very real, well in fact it’s no longer a threat. It’s happening. It’s a danger to us all and there are little things we can do to help. While a substantial amount of damage we’ve done as consumers and wasters is irreparable there are somethings we can do to ward off further catastrophe.

We live on this planet and we share the planet. We all need the air and oxygen, the trees and the forests, the oceans give us life, but we are robbing the oceans of their own oxygen by polluting in irreprehensible ways.

For more on why we think you should go green – check out our previous post.


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