Meek Mill Doing Big Good Things

Meek Mill Is Doing Big Good Things And We Can’t Get Enough Of It

It’s a bold statement, but perhaps Meek “…Shall Inherit The Earth?”

Words from his namesake hit Millidelphia.’ We like it as writers. It’s a good play on words. Mill and Philadelphia collide in the most incredibly genius of ways where creativity, art, circumstances and genius meet to create a body of work and a legacy far greater than music to come to the light out of sheer darkness.

And despicable racism at the hands of corrupt cops.

One cop even turning on the others as the story unfolds in Free Meek, executive produced by Jay Z – a gripping docu-series that sheds light on the ever prevalent injustices many black men have to deal with in America.

Meek Mill’s story is hardly uncommon for many black men. Wrongfully handled by authorities not just cops, but even a judge and with little justice Meek’s story has played out on the world stage.

Thank God for Meek. Meek luckily had a deep drive and deep conviction to live out his dreams, a gifted and blessed lyricist with profound things to say his songs offer poetic justice to so many wrongfully accused and incarcerated black men.

Yes. Racism in America is real and prevalent whether you see it or not, want to admit it or not or care to understand it or not.

The facts speak for themselves irrespective of the narrative that has been tainting the truth for far too long.


Yes depending on who’s tweeting hashtags have a tendency to go viral given the right ammo especially if that ammo is backed by celebrity fuel. In Meek’s case it was Jay Z who wrote on op-ed on the injustices meek had been enduring at the hands of a corrupt criminal justice system which offers little fairness to black men.

Meek story is only unusual because Meek just happened to be getting his budding career off the ground and so happened to have some powerful friends and contacts behind him.

Jay Z’s op-ed in The New York Times about Meek’s unfair predicament met with the hashtag #freemeek would send the story spiraling and allow it to reach the masses.

Twitter and many of Meek’s fans jumped in on the hashtag and started a revolution of sorts with protests in front of the courthouse and relentless commitment to ensure Meek would indeed be freed.


The gripping story has twists and turns of epic proportions. Some of it all too fantastical to believe.

For nearly 14 years Meek’s fate lay in the hands of a not so honorable judge who seemed to have some sort sick inner demons and insecurities about the fact that Meek was bigger than her. She was of course a judge, a black judge which is a big deal because black female judges are few and far between and in the courts the judge is top dog, but in the real world Meek reigned supreme so with her bone to pick she continued relentlessly keeping Meek on the hook by extending his probation time and time again for petty offenses like popping a wheelie, that sent him back to jail.

She forced him to idle at home on house arrest as his new album came out and tour was approaching. She was just another culprit keeping a black man down.

We’re not talking about a murderer or a rapist here, but someone who grew up in the hood and was lied on by the police. A far too often occurrence for black men in America.

One of the corrupt cops who was there the day Meek just happen to be stepping out on to the street turned on his own fellow officers claiming he had taken part in aiding and abetting in thousands of false police reports and planting drugs on black guys in the hood in Philly and taking their drugs and drug money as a part of a grand corruption scheme. Several cops were taken down in the shady operation. This one particular cop was now working to right his wrongs and helping overturn more than a thousand wrongful and false convictions.


Meek Mill | Diamond In The Rough

The Reform Alliance is Meek Mill’s non-profit that vows to help a million people. Now that’s a massive vow and we believe Meek is big enough to do it.

He has amassed a following of more than 28 million on instagram and this little number speaks volumes to his grandioseness.

Meek Mill is indeed larger than life.

He was dealt a heavy hand with a big calling to do big good things. He’s more than music and no he’s not a “street thug” from Philly. He came from meek beginnings, yes, but he was simply in the wrong place and the “wrong color” at the wrong time when his life began to unfold in the courts and behind bars in all the wrong ways.

Meek was a product of his environment. He hustled some drugs and kept a gun for his own safety, not to brandish it or use it as a power play.

When you are willing to look beyond the surface, meaning beyond the skin color, beyond judgements and hear the facts from multiple sources you then and only then can assess intelligently without bias right from wrong.

Meek has backing from the likes of Jay Z, Van Jones, Meek Mill and Michael Rubins among others.

The grandiose courage of Meek speaks volumes to the larger than life figure he is. To even attempt to help a million people takes guts and courage of ample proportions and while they may not get to a million something tells me he will get pretty darn close and I’d be hardly surprised if Meek’s non-profit even surpasses that number.

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