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Power Tea – Take Note.  Everyone should consider this little recipe as a daily ritual.  So this is a must share.  While we’ve all heard of the remarkable benefits of turmeric it’s truly a super food wonder supplement.  The benefits are many.  In recent studies scientists and medical researchers are finding this power root can even not just ward off the potential to develop Alzheimers, but even restore lost memory cells.  And yes while all cells that have been lost to an aging mind and possibly Alzheimers or Dementia may not be restored some maybe able to be restored by adding turmeric to your regimen.  This is the first confirmation of any component of lost cells being restored.  For decades it had been thought that once cells were lost there was nothing that could be done.  Now science is proving otherwise and that cells that have been lost may actually come back to life and revitalize with turmeric intake.  Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that remove accumulated plaque and fats in the brain that may cause Alzheimers, improving oxygen flow.An added benefit is it slows down the progression of degeneration of memory cells.  Turmeric also has the power to keep cancers away or from spreading and the potential to heal.     This is one of the best means of maintaining vitality and preventing cancer all together.Everyone should take note of it’s remarkable and powerful ability to heal and maintain optimal health.The recipe below was passed on to my by a family friend who’s very well versed in nutrition and a spouse of one of the top breast cancer researchers in America, a former head of the Breast Cancer Department at UC Davis Medical Center.  The source of this recipe is substantial.Ingredients:4 to 6 – 3+ inch long turmeric pieces – get the root, not the powder from the – co-op, vegetable stand, sprouts, wholefoods1 piece of ginger 3-4 inches1 cinnamon stick 3-4 inches1 small lemon1 tablespoon peppercornsPreparation:First peel turmeric and gingerThen thin slice or grate turmeric and ginger – I prefer gratingSlice the lemon with the skinThen in a large pot of filtered water add all ingredients, peeled and grated turmeric and ginger, sliced lemon, peppercorns and cinnamon stick.Bring to a boil.And then simmer about 30 minutes.Drink 3 cups a day.Make a large pot and refrigerate so you have 2-3 days worth at a time.You can drink it straight or add coconut milk and honey to flavor.Other great ingredients to take note of that aid in fighting cancer -oregano, garlic, cayenneTo read the remarkable story of how one man beat cancer minus chemo with all natural ingredients.

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