Nutrition Coach Tammy Chang Offers Healthy Eating Tips

Nutrition Coach Tammy Chang offers healthy eating tips.  And while for many of us who want to be healthier and get healthy it seems challenging, daunting and overwhelming.So I reached out to an expert for some insights.  I sat down with nutrition coach and author Tammy Chang to get some insights into getting healthy.And to my surprise, getting started is not as difficult as you may suspect.  It’s actually pretty easy.She shared a lot of great tips and easy ways to get started on a healthy regimen.  It can seem like a lot when it’s new to us, but to my delight getting healthy is fairly simple.We spoke about healthy fats, saturated fats and the benefits.She offered a lot of great tips on simple ways to get started filling the pantry with healthy fats. She gives us a break down of some of the best healthy fats out there.Check out the video for an in-depth breakdown from Tammy.  To learn more about Tammy click on this link.And be sure to keep an eye for my upcoming post where Tammy shows us how to make Ghee from scracth.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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