Making Ghee – Easier Than You Think

Sara Cervera

In a previous post we met Nutrition Coach Tammy Chang.  

She shared a lot of great tips on eating healthy and gave us a breakdown of how to get started.  She also shared with us her favorite healthy fats.  To check out that post if you didn’t see it already click here.

Be sure to check out the video as well!

And today she shows us how to make ghee right in your very own kitchen.  

And most may not realize it is actually a fairly simple process that takes 10 minutes from pan to jar and the benefits are enormous.

Here it is – start to finish making ghee at home.  Hope you enjoy.

For more on Tammy check out here site here.

For more on nutrition and wellness here’s a great site I love with expert dietician and culinary extraordinaire Jessica Levinson.

And to check out a previous post I did with Bay Area Nutrition Consultant Tamar Cohen.    


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