America – The Big Divide

America and it’s big divide might just be here to stay.

That’s right. This nation was built on a constitution that offers fairness and equality, but let’s not forget how America was founded. Fairness and equality were not a part of it’s original compass.

The morals upon which the country and constitution promise freedom, justice and liberty are limited only to some. The rules don’t apply to everyone. And that just seems so unfair.

Well who said life was fair? It’s certainly not. Certainly not for some of us. Minorities take the brunt of it. We have and will continue, blacks especially.

Yesterday’s debacle on Capitol Hill is a scary and all too prevalent reminder of the horrors upon which this country was built.

No it was not built fair and square. Rights are not for everyone. Things are not always just. As a matter of fact they are unjust so much so that you just start wondering how it’s even possible?

I Question It All

How was it possible for a mob of predominantly white men and women to storm the nation’s congressional halls? How did this happened? How stupid did we look?

What message does this send to the rest of the world? And for those who’d like to continue with the naysaying – how is this not the ultimate demonstration of inequality and injustice?

How would’ve it have been different had the “protestors”, now that’s funny, let’s call them what they were – terrorists – been black or brown?

I think the outcome would’ve been far different. Universes apart had these been minority men or women.

Let’s just say no black man or woman or brown man or woman would’ve been able to set foot inside of the halls of congress alive. They would’ve been shot dead on the spot. There are no ifs and or buts about this.

This is fact. Now I understand the police on the hill were gravely unprepared, but I didn’t see them with guns drawn ready to fire and bring peace to the situation. So they are alleging and in all fairness it’s evident they were totally unprepared. However – they had guns that they did not use or brandish, at least brandish. It works wonders in inciting fear and having people run. And as unprepared as they might’ve been the criticism of their unpreparedness that allowed so much leeway for a breach at Capitol Hill is certainly fair. Why did these particular cops not attempt to brandish their guns. They didn’t have to use them, but they could’ve shown them, pulled them out of their holsters at least. Oh now if these were BLM protestors or black or brown men, those guns would’ve been out.

Here’s a comparison of police dealing with the terrorists on Capitol Hill and BLM. A very different approach indeed.

This is what we witness during black lives matter protests. We see excessive use by cops on people who are protesting in the streets, not even rioters. There are video accounts of this. Here’s one for your reference.

This here is an – In Depth History of Police Violence in the United States.

How many more excuses do we need? Why were the police so unprepared? How is that a legitimate excuse. Again cops clashed – with protestors of the BLM movement all summer long – and they were always outnumbered, every single time, but somehow managed to get the crowd out and away.

So why were guns not drawn? Why did it take the National Guard so long to get there. Why were officers taking selfies with some of the terrorists?

So really I would imagine I’m just as puzzled as you are, but it’s hard to grapple with it all. So let this be an op-ed of sorts that questions it all.

I have few answers, but many questions about how this happened.

America Doesn’t Play Fair

Or if I were to conclude – I could simply say – America has rules, but only for minorities, the blacks and the browns. Those are the only people who must follow the rules.

I’m so disheartened at the horrors of yesterday, saddened and disgusted. And appalled at the injustice.

I don’t like talking politics and seldom do I ever name the sitting President. And again I will take the liberty of not naming someone who incites violence, but I hope yesterday is a lesson to the heads of state and those in power on Capitol Hill to actually do something. I’m hearing calls for impeachment, prosecution of Trump after mob storms capitol hill. Nancy Peolosi calls on Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, but he’s not going for it. No surprise there. I’m not holding my breath.

I hope that they are so violated by the actions of these awful people who facade their racist agenda as patriotism. It’s not. It’s laced in confederacy and white supremacy. And the garb – the red hats are essentially the new dunce cap.

January 20th cannot come soon enough.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.