Confessions Of A Tech Junkie – My Samsung Note 8 Blows Your iPhone Away

An Ode To The Samsung Note 8

What can I say? The Samsung Note 8 is the most off the chain phone I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned many. I had a version of that first big cell phone. Not a smart phone, but a big heavy device that offered cell service. The primitive early days of cell phones. We were just ecstatic to have them.

There was no iPhone yet, but trust me I got my hands on that very first iPhone and the second all the way to the iPhone 5. And while I know there have been great advancements and enhancements to the iPhone I hesitantly made the switch, after years of frustrations with a phone that had major setbacks. I finally called it quits. I was done. I threw in the towel. Yep. I switched teams. Android was happy to have me and I was thrilled. It was a great love affair. Still is.

There were things about the Note 5, my first Note that immediately drew me in. The clean aesthetic. The pen. The sound quality when I had it on speaker. And then here’s what completely sold me. And trust me when I tell you I’m a tech junkie. I have a lot of devices. That’ll be another story.

And yes I know the amazing camera on the iPhone. I had several and most everyone I know has an iPhone.

And even those people, some even tech junkies themselves also blown away by the camera on this device.

Every one I know got to know my Note 5, 6, 7 (before I had to return it for the overheating recall/dilemma) and now Note 8. Forgive for the fudge up on the 7 because the Note has served me well.

It’s been the most exceptional phone to date.

As I was saying everyone knew my Notes because they were the hit at the party. My phone took the best pictures and everyone wanted me to make sure we got some on my Note whatever the occasion.

This camera is out of this world. Yes blows the camera on the iPhone away.

And yes while I’m a major Mac Junkie and I don’t use anything other than that I’ve had my share of iPhones all the way up to the iPhone 5.

And yes I know what you’re thinking. Well by golly there have been so many more iPhone models since the iPhone 5 so you really don’t know what’s up. But let me assure you. I’m a tech junkie and I know what’s up.

The iPhone was not cutting it for me so I very hesitantly made the switch. Let me rephrase that, not very hesitantly. There was a little apprehension on my part, but the frustrations of the iPhone far outweighed any sense of hesitation I had to switch over.

And switch over I did to the Samsung Note 5, way back when. I’ve upgraded along the way. I’m at the Note 8 right now and I know there’s the Note 9. So inevitably I may be switching over or upgrading, but at this point there is just no need whatsoever. My Note 8 does everything I need it to do. And here I propose I just went off on a tangent.

And yes I am very much a tech nerd and here’s the beauty of where I’m at. I don’t need to have the latest and the greatest. I know there is a Note 10 coming out soon also. That’s how closely I’ve followed the evolution of this device. I’m on it, but here’s the beauty for me now at this stage in life.

While I know there’s a fancy new upgraded version, but I know there is no such thing as perfection.

What I have is awesome. I’m in gratitude of that. It doesn’t need to be any more awesome than it already is. That’s good enough for me.

And after much hesitation I’m being led towards a Note 9. I repeat with great trepidation.

Let me tell you, the Note 8 has been Great. It’s the greatest phone I’ve had to date. I’ve never had the same phone for so long.

And I’ve had a phone as long as cell phones have been out. Now that’s a pretty long time, but short relatively speaking. I guess it depends what decade of your life you’re in.

It only gets better from here.

I’m a little more settled. A little more at peace with letting go of my Note 8, but giving it, its due props.

I guess I’ll be getting the 9 in short order. And I think I should cause 9 is really lucky number. 3 is magic. 9 = 3 X 3.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.