Nike Taking On A Freedom Friendly Challenge – The Colin Kaepernick Ad

Nike taking on a freedom-friendly challenge is being met with a lot of unfriendly backlash.  Nike, however, is not batting even an eyelash.  Taking the plunge with a very progressive marketing stunt that has been a huge win for Nike.  The ad has garnered so much attention online and all over the world, being tweeted and retweeted millions of times over means only one thing for Nike.  Free marketing, more than 400 million dollars worth of free marketing.  And Nike has made $6 Billion since the ad. And that free marketing is now adding up to a huge boost in sales.  Nike is hardly complaining, but millions are.  They are not happy about the ad, the kneeling or what they view as unpatriotic.

By not the learned, curious and open, but by the closed-off narrow-minded divisive lot.  That take on things does not serve anyone.  When we come to understand on a deeper level why we begin to live in our power.  We have a great power as a people to come together, work together and lift one another up.  We need not tear each other down any longer.

In the words of the great leaders and activists before him let us learn and live in the truth that “we can live together like brothers or perish together like fools.”

Standing or in this case kneeling for what you believe is so necessary especially in this day and age.  It seems we have turned back the hands of time.  A lot of the progression that had been made seems lost in some cataclysmic vortex of ignorance.  Years of forward movement undone.

Who will stand or kneel for what he or she believes?  Who among us will continue the fight?  The peaceful protest is the most powerful fight and perhaps this is why Colin Kaepernick kneeling is garnering so much attention.

The constitution is based on the ideals of standing up morally and justly for what is right and the amendments therein specify every man, woman and child’s right to protest peacefully.

It is the very fundamentals of the principles this country was founded on.  There is nothing more patriotic if you know what the constitution actually stands for.  These peaceful warriors are not, not supporting our service men and women.  There are plenty of minority men and women fighting for this country, stationed overseas right now making those massive sacrifices to honor the US.

Taking a knee is about the injustices against minorities and that is what’s unpatriotic.

Patriotism warrants morals, fairness, justice, and liberty for ALL.

When we begin to see with the eyes of compassion and feel with empathy for others we begin to free ourselves from our own ignorance and self-imprisonment.  Life is about feeling not only our pain but others.  Life becomes so much richer when we connect and live in unity than when we try to live in division.

I pray we can all see the beauty of coming together and offering love and support for a peoples’ plight.

And for your viewing pleasure here is the ad.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.