Sikhism – The 5 Tenets

So I’d like to share a little on this very progressive and very loving religion.

It’s a young religion, but the fastest growing. Many new found followers are drawn to the loving nature and welcoming aspect that Sikhism lives by.

The non-discriminatory aspect of Sikhism is built into each and every Gurdawara or temple. You will find four doors on all four sides of every single Sikh temple.

That is to show the welcoming solidarity by the Sikhs. It’s to show people that all are welcome from all four corners of the globe.

No one is turned away. Many Gurdawara have now become refuge for the hungry. No one is refused a meal.

The langar hall serves food around the clock cooked up by volunteers that come and go non-stop.

The Five Sacred Tenets of the Religion Are

1. Kase

2. Karra

3. Kangha

4. Kacha

5. Kirpan

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.