……And The flowers Showered: osho Revisited

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Rajneesh the Indian teacher hailed as a guru was known to utter prolific words. More of a preacher, he was, also known as Osho was an oddly insecure man irrespective of the charismatic front. He didn’t much practice what he preached. And he had a dark past that cast even darker shadows on what could’ve […]

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My Interview With Guru To Thousands Acharya Shunya

In Conversation With An Enlightened Master and Teacher To Thousands – Acharya Shunya. I had heard of her, seen her videos, read about her for years and finally, I get the honor of interviewing the remarkably enlightened and anointed Teacher and Guru to thousands Acharya Shunya. And it was nothing short of spectacular.  Her wisdom beyond […]

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