Joan trumpauer mulholland | civil rights activist

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

John Trumpauer Mulholland – American Civil Rights Activist – AKA total bad ass. Get to know her story.

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Human Rights Professor Dr. William Armaline Breaks Down The Complexities of Race

Human rights Professor Dr. William Armeline Breaks Down the complexities of race.I was driving when I first came to know Human Rights Professor Dr. William Armaline.  I heard him on KQED during a panel discussion on race and racism happening at San Jose State University.  It was a follow-up discussion after a hate crime had […]

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Privilege – What It Is And How Do You Know

Privilege, what is it?  Only when you have dark can you know light.  Only when you have sadness can you bathe in joy.  Only through liberation could one feel the agony of incarceration.  The polar opposite allows you to know one from the other.  When all one has ever known is privilege they may not […]

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