Why I Love Being Bohemian

The sense of liberation is the greatest freedom I will know. The hippie in me loves nature, letting my feet touch the ground, being carefree and feeling free to fly.

That’s the hippie in me. The hippie in me loves being less attached to things and more connected to the earth. The hippie in me loves the redwoods, streams, rivers and valleys.

I love a good farmers markets and great avocados and starting each morning with berries and chocolate.

And the hippie in me loves to dance and swing on swings. The hippie in me is a kid at heart. I’m carefree and open to love and life. The hippie in me smiles at strangers and even talks to them.

I’m a butterfly in clothes on two feet with a heart of gold. That’s the hippie in me. The bohemian me likes looking a little different. The bohemian me knows the awesomeness of mismatching.

And the bohemian in me loves great mountain boots and great trails and little puppies and ponytails.

Image by Christian Buehner at Unsplash.Image by Christian Buehner at Unsplash.

Image by Christian Buehner at Unsplash.

So there is nothing really more soulful and awesome for the soul than kicking back in nature. Taking it all in. Letting your hair down or up whatever you prefer. The beauty of the hippie life is you are free to choose. You get to be free to let your feet touch the earth or feel the sand between your toes. It’s carefree. Anything goes.

You don’t have to put on your sunday best and flash and hope for acceptance. In the world of bohemia you just go with it. You love and you emanate life.

You understand energy and the power of love and connecting on a soul level with other awesome creatures that roam the earth, man, woman, butterfly, ladybug or whatever it is.

You love and respect nature. You are humbled by it. And it’s this lifestyle and free way of being that resonates for me.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.