Being A Lady – 2 Things To Always Keep In Mind




So being a lady can be a loaded phrase, but it’s got certain connotation that has been the case for milenia.

It means so many things, but the first thing it means and you cannot possibly qualify as lady like unless you emanate and exude class.

And what does it mean to be classy? It’s not based in status or having fancy things.

Class is sophistication. It’s how you conduct yourself. It’s how you present yourself and what kind of standards you hold yourself to. Class means you don’t stoop. You move with grace throughout life. In every interaction you meet it with beauty and class.

We cast a spell of love and fairy dust. We spread seeds of joy. We light up the room and we captivate our audience. We pull them in with warmth and we laugh and spread cheer in every encounter.

We walk the earth with this innate sense of knowing how blessed we are. And we come from it from a place of higher awareness.

Being among women can be hard. It seems everything is so competitive now.

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Why is the world so competitive? I’m not sure. So what do you think? Are you catty? Are you competitive or do you take a different approach with the women in the office?

This is not to upset anyone, but to just have a conversation about it and bring awareness to it.

All the women in our circumference are our sisters. They need our insights and guidance. They need our love and acceptance. They don’t need our judgment or cattiness.

There is no place in this harsh world for that.

  1. You’re a lady. What does that mean? Well I suppose at this point in time that is a really loaded statement. Honestly the time is irrelevant.

    A 90s or 00s baby could try to give me the low down on it, but being from a time and era when there were standards and demands, ethics and morals, my conviction stays.

    You are love and light. We are in this together and this is the way and mindset you take daily to forge ahead with beauty and grace.

  2. You are running your own race. You are not in competition. You are not here to bring others down. You are not here to win and have others lose. You are here to win and bring others with you.

    You are here to rise and uplift other women. You are here to be awesome and whole. You are here to show up powerfully not only for yourself, but others around you, men and women.

    You are here to be spectacular and you are here to light up the world with your beauty and grace. You are part of tribe, a sisterhood that is fierce and untouchable. And together we all rise.



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