6 Ways To Calm In Your Daily Life

  1. Meditate – Sit in silence. This is at the top for a reason. The practice of meditation will literally change the chemistry of your brain. It is so powerful and so beneficial to meditate and turn the external stimuli off. Sitting in awareness will not only elevate your consciousness. It also brings immense peace and calm. When we practice meditation that practice of mindfulness and bringing your awareness to the present moment

  2. Nature – Get into nature. Nature is one fo the most powerfully remarkable things you can do for your soul. The energy of nature and the essence of it will leave you in a state of calm. Get on a trail and let yourself walk this earth in the breath-taking beauty of the elements. There is not that will move you and touch you like only nature can.

  3. Exercise – Stimulate your senses, all of them. Break a sweat. Your body, mind and soul will thank you. You are more rigorous when you move your body. You can feel the strength …….

  4. Read – Reading is a game changer. There are those who and those who do not. There is nothing more powerful than gaining clarity and insights, wisdom and knowledge. What more powerful and insightful thing could you do for yourself. In times of struggle a great inspirational book can be your best friend and companion. It’s that profound teacher who sits on your shelf waiting for that moment when you’ll grab it, take it, digest it and apply it to your circumstances. Experience is also a great teacher, but relying on wonderful teachers with words of wisdom to share can enlighten us. Transform us. Shape us.

  5. Create –

  6. Love –

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.