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Mission: Heirloom just might be king when it comes to locally grown sustainability.  This hot spot in Berkeley’s Ghourmet Ghetto is taking the all natural quotient to an all new high . While Berkeley very much has been at the forefront of the sustainable food movement for decades, Mission: Heirloom is giving even Berekley a run for it’s standards.Built on a philosophy of elevating health, food and joy the first of it’s kind, Mission: Heirloom is tracking ingredients to a tee.  This top grade sustainable storefront and restaurant not only sells organic, locally grown, sustainable grubs, but we’re talking the highest level of toxicity free foods.  Each ingredient is tracked rigorously with layers of toxins being removed through  a very elaborate process.Mission: Heirloom rids it’s foods of toxins with the use of negative ion air purifiers to clean the air, eliminating airborne toxins and cross contamination. They rely on a zero-waste reverse osmosis system made with organic coconut shells which filters city water. It then adds back health promoting flavor minerals and transports water back in through copper pipes. Ingredients are chopped on homemade single-piece wood cutting boards free of wood-glue, no formaldehyde and BPA. Everything is stored in glass, no plastic or aluminum.  They use only natural, plant-based dish cleaners and toxic free detergent for their linens.With three key components behind it’s high grade sustainable approach: elevating health, elevating food, and elevating joy.The menu is totally and completely gluten, grain, legumes (especially soy and peanuts) free. Not a single morsel is processed. Mission: Heirloom prides itself on it’s knowledge base in the industry that comes straight from the experts.  It’s not built on a DIY business model, but instead relies on expertise from educators, doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and chefs.The food is all sourced from small organic farms, ranches and fisheries.  It’s also dependent on wild-foragers who are very open about the streamline of sourcing.  MH serves only “ethically raised” local protein: grass-fed beef, GMO-free pork that’s pastured, lamb that’s pastured, omnivorous chicken and wild-caught fish.Heirloom celebrates meats and veggies, fruits and wholesome fats.  It relies on meat specially cut to optimize vitamin nutrients, minerals and amino acids.Mission: Heirloom has on the spot offerings as well as meal plans to go.  You’ll find not just great high grade food, but Heirloom boasts quite the the interior and exterior as well.Check them out here.While leading the pack, Mission: Heirloom’s flagship location doesn’t claim to have it all figured out just yet, but promises to be ever evolving, a work in progress. Heirloom’s bottom line – commitment to health.Mission: Heirloom also offers workshops and a very informative blog to continue furthering it’s efforts in food science exploration, nutrition and farming.Worth a pop-in if you’re in the hood.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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