Best Chicken Parmesan Ever – Easier Than You Think

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parmesan or chicken parmigiana as the Italians call it is an extravagant dish loaded with flavors, cheese, sauce and the works and has always been a favorite of mine.

Never did I think I could actually whip this up and never did I realize it’s actually quite easy.

My sister Rupi who is an extraordinary cook knows how to whip things up. I’ll be sharing her curry chicken recipe in the coming days.


Chicken Parmesan - 20 Minute RecipeChicken Parmesan - 20 Minute Recipe

Chicken Parmesan – 20 Minute Recipe

Indian food always seem to be a cuisine that most won’t dare attempt because they assume it’s hard to replicate such goodness, but we’ll show you that is not the case.

Anyone can do it. There’s protocol and you have to follow along in orderly fashion, but I assure you it can be done.

For now we’re back to the best chicken parmesan and here’s what’s awesome – it’s easy!

Way easier than you’d ever think.

I was blown away by the simplicity of it.

And these days it’s seems we’re doing away with the notion of things being outside of our ability.

With ample time and a little extra enthusiasm we are all finding out things about ourselves during this time.

And one of those things is that we can actually take things on that seem hard.

Once we surrender we find we are totally capable and the impossible all of the sudden seems actually not that hard at all.

So here it is:

I’m laying out instructions, but watch the video for the walk through.


All purpose flour – 1.5 cups

Panko Bread Crusts – 2 cups

Two Eggs

1 Cup of Milk

Boneless Chicken – organic is best

2 Jars of Marinara sauce – just get your favorite brand – I prefer something that has roasted garlic

Mozzarella cheese – whole –

Olive Oil

And butter for added richness



Black Pepper


Preheat oven to 425

Lay out three bowls and a pan – in a row to get your assembly line going

We want to slice our chicken breasts down the center to thin them out – so cut long way across and to cut them in half

We want a big baking tray with our marinara sauce – that you can simmer for added richness

Cut up your parmesan – thinly sliced to lay onto of the chicken breasts

Bowl # 1 – Flour – add black pepper

Bowl # 2 – mix eggs and milk together in a bowl

Bowl # 3 – Panko bread crumbs

Then start by dipping chicken in flower

then onto bowl # 2 eggs and milk mixture

then into the bowl # 3 for your bread crumbs – extra bread crumbs make it better – extra crispy

And then onto pan that has a little olive oil and butter

Cook in pan for 2 minutes on each side

Then onto a tray that has your marinara sauce

And then add the sliced parmesan to the chicken

And into the oven to bake fully

Meanwhile get your spaghetti going

And then once the chicken is done add your chicken breast on top of spaghetti and pour on more marinara that you’ve been simmering, top off with cilantro and Oila!


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