John Lewis – A Hero’s Tribute


John Lewis a hero’s tribute.

A homecoming befitting of a king. A true King, a people’s king, not just one who wants to conquer and rule, but one who cares and leaves his people better. A king who serves and teaches us the power of humility and resilience, a king who has been defeated and still stands strong ready to continue the fight, forge on in the battle not for himself, but for his people. This is John Lewis.

He was a hero of extraordinary proportions. His story and resolve to never give up the good fight and keep making good trouble his legacy.

He spent decades, his entire life from his late teens to his passing working for the good of us all.

I honor him for so many reasons. His courage and bravery, his resilience and fortitude, his dedication and persistence are to be learned from, admired and revered.

I look forward to the renaming of the Edmond Pettus Bridge from being named after a racist klansmen to being named after a real life hero – an honorable man should be given this, not a hateful man, but a loving man should have that bridge, not a fearful scared man, but a fearless warrior who leaves a legacy of love and brilliance.

Sue Dhillon is a journalist, writer, author, trainer and energy worker. She is the founder and editor of SuesBlues Magazine.


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