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Ok so I’d like to start by saying I know my nachos.  I’m a connoisseur in the nacho department.  I’ve been lucky enough to have nachos in various locales, all over the state and beyond.  My senses are extremely heightened when it comes to Mexican food.  I’ve had the luxury of home cooked Mexican meals from a  very young age so I know authenticity with Mexican food when I taste it.  I had several Mexican friends when I was young, therefore several Mexican moms.  I also lived in the central Valley for news.  I lived in Salinas right outside of Monterey, ‘California’s Salad Bowl’ so to speak in a heavily populated hispanic region.  Mexican roots and food run deep in and around the central coast.  I had my fair share of Nachos in Salinas.  If you’re ever there do visit Taqueria Los Gallos.  They have two different locations both exceptionally delicious and authentic.  It’s some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had.  So speaking of some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had I just discovered a stellar taqueria in the East Bay.  It’s La Plaza Taqueria and I think these images speak a thousand words.  These were the super nachos with carne asada and light black beans.  Wow.  A delight indeed.  Super super reasonably priced.  My meal including a bottled water was $7.65 cents.  Not only was it an absolute deal, but these Nachos kick butt!!! I’ve been craving them ever since.  Super excited to have discovered this place.  Worried it might be counter productive to the 15 lbs I’m trying to lose.  It was hard to stop eating these.  I ate the entire top of the plate, left a good twenty chips or so at the bottom.  If you’re ever along the 680 corridor near Concord this is well worth the stop – about a mile off Willow Pass.  For more reviews on La Plaza see here.taquerianachos1taquerianachos2

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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