Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself


Retraining your brain.  Yes we can indeed retrain our minds.  Unless you are unable to function completely and wholeheartedly mentally you can retrain your brain.  We all live in our heads or spend a considerable amount of time there.  Generally more time than we should.  We get going in our minds about that little issue, that problem, that struggle, that relationship, our past, whatever it might be we go around and around.  Just read a great work by the brilliant Dr. Joe Dispenza, more on that here.  So essentially his theory proven through extensive medical research on all sort of subjects with a host of problems suggests that any and everyone can retrain their minds into thinking and believing whatever it is we want to believe.  Anything.  Yes that’s the theory.  I am speaking on this because I have been practicing theory.  And much like anything you practice in life, it takes practice to get good at or see evidence of something.So for me my introduction to Dr. Dispenza came through hypnotherapy with a most awesome hypnotherapist, find her here.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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