Crab Dip Heaven on the Mendocino Coast.

crab dipI’m back in my favorite place on earth, the Mendocino Coast.  This is some of the most magnificent coastline and in my opinion hands down of all of California’s most exceptional coast line.  It’s not Monterey or Pebble Beach or Malibu, Long Beach, Newport and while the aforementioned all are stunning in their own right there’s something about Mendocino coast the others can’t touch.  This coast line is not just a coast line, but littered with lush greenery, there are countless coves and then there’s the vibe.  It’s very hippie dippie place and while this vibe is not for everyone there is something very low-key and unpretentious about that just allows you to kind of sink it in to your own little abyss and your own little pace.  You may not find this in SoCal.  Not knocking Southern California.  It’s somewhere I can leave my laptop between beers and go whiz.  It’s that kind of place.So here I am at the Carbajal Restaurant and sports bar.I was here exactly a year ago.  It’s a little bit of jaunt from the bay.  A few hours barring there’s no traffic and your passenger doesn’t get car sick around the bends and turns on the great 1 heading up north.  Starts getting pretty wild right before and little after Sea Ranch.  Nonetheless, It’s been way too long of an increment between visits considering my immense love and draw to this place.  I promise to frequent more in the coming years and months. Hoping to die here some day.  I know that sounds bizarre, but when I’m here I feel like I’ve come home.I’m so excited to be back here and back with, on and all over the crab dip.  I’m not a big crab fan, but this dip makes you crave crab.  Seriously.  I repeat I’m not a crab fan.  As a foodie who’s eaten great delicacies up and down the coast, this one little dish is so marvelous you will surely crave it after one try.It’s a creamy concoction with a hint of cajun, not spicy just flavored, with actual chunks of fresh water crab picked right from the Pacific North Coast.  This crab dip is to die for.  It’s all the rave here and the lovely waitress tells me she’s recovering from crab dip addiction.However please note this is a hard DIY – just quite possibly impossible to replicate.  🙁  

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