Creating A Magical Life – The Do’s And Don’t’s

Creating magic begins with believing in magic. I believe in magic. Do you?

Life is all about energy. It’s about believing. So if you want a magical life you have to see the magic all around you. You have to see how beautiful life is and how each and every moment could mean so much.

Believe in the wonder. Wake up ready to see pixie dust.

I share the quote from Rick Rubin because if you know anything about this remarkable man who had an innate belief in his dream then you know the awesomeness of manifestation. He is a true light and sage and now lives in a world of meditation and mindfulness. He surely has not just been an iconic figure in the world of music, hip hop, race and breaking barriers. He’s a creative genius who now continues shining his light through remarkably greater awareness. He’s worth looking up especially if you grew up in the era of awakening and revolution in hip hop. I did and appreciate the lyrical profundity of a lot of hip hop. These are stories and not just rhymes of crimes. These are people’s lives and livelihoods. It’s about tragedy and shortcomings and misfortunes and great triumphs. These are stories worth telling. And Rick Rubin is a pioneer in this world and his story is one of the greatest stories ever.

And he has come full circle. Having lived a life of art, genius, and rising to the pinnacle of success with Def Jam Records his is certainly a story worth noting.

And I also share this quote of Rick Rubin because he is a creative genius who against all odds created a legacy upon an empire. His record label progressive in ways the music industry had not seen or not in the genre of hip hop.

“The artist is the one who recaptures that child-like fascination with the world.”Rick Rubin

July 10, 2019

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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