Gift Ngoepe – One In A Billion

So what are the chances you’d be named Gift? And what are the odds with a name like that you’d be some sort of miracle, an anomaly, one in a billion?

I’d say to be named Gift is a pre-ordained sign of where you came from, who sent you and what you are to become.

And for Gift Ngoepe – his one and a billion odds and remarkable story are nothing short of awesomeness.

This exceptional man is gifted beyond words and that gift lead him to the major leagues becoming the first African major league baseball player in history.

His talent was undeniable and while the odds of making it to the major leagues are slim, 5% will make it far enough to be considered and of that 5% percent who get to show off their stuff to scouts only 7% percent will push through to an actual contract with a Major League Franchise.

For Gift Ngoepe the odds were much slimmer. He wasn’t just another star baseball player here in America. He grew up in a small town, village to some just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.

There destiny would have him wind up working at a local baseball franchise. And from there destiny would lead him to realize a dream far greater than he ever imagined for himself.

In South Africa he is simply “Legend”. He is revered by his people for having had the ability, perseverance and gift to take him to the front lineup of the Pirates, Major League Franchise.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.