Chakra Talk: Learn The Language Of The Chakras With Cinthia Varkevisser


Did you know the Chakras have their own language? It’s all about tapping in and recognizing what each chakra represents and then speaking to that particular chakra.

Cinthia Varkevisser is an expert in this field. She is a psychic, intuitive and universal channel who teaches the language of the Chakras.

She is the founder of B.A.S.H. an acronym for Bad Ass Space /for/ Healing.

And I had the pleasure of hanging out with her at her Bad Ass Space for Healing and learning all about the language of the Chakras.

When I asked Cinthia what her title is this is how she described herself. She told me she does universal channeling – incorporating the psychic. Here’s how she detailed it, “Very linear. Yes. No questions. Future based. Very specific answers. And the intuitive which is very emotionally based. I feel relationships and getting information from the higher source. Some people call it God. Some people call it the universal source. I put that all together. I package it all together like you would if you were having a conversation at a party. You know. You hear all these different conversations and I bring all those conversations into one message. Universal channel.”

She’s one of a very few people known to teach this. I was fortunate enough to spend some time getting the break down and it was pretty exceptional.

There’s so much more to the Chakra’s then we realize. For healers and seekers it’s great wisdom and insight like this that allows us to go deeper in our search for ourselves and for healing.

Check out my interview with her below.


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