Giving Free ‘Haircuts With Heart’

Giving.  It’s wonderful to give, but this is more than just giving.  This is philanthropic awesomeness.  It’s the epitome of altruism.  Rebecca Beardsley, Executive Director and Founder of Haircuts With Heart is like no other.  What was once her career and passion has now blossomed into an amazing organization helping the needy. Giving Free Haircuts to the homeless and low-income.

For Rebecca though it’s so much more than just a haircut.  It’s about human connection. And she embodied so much power, love, and light when she shared this with me.  I was truly moved by Rebecca’s love for giving.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying altruism and giving and know a thing or two about it.  And with Rebecca, it’s evident the meaningful work she is doing is filling her soul with some profound sense of fulfillment.  Something we all long for.

And that makes her even more admirable.

She is an awesome lady on a mission shining and radiating her light all the way.

I was so honored to have had the chance to speak to Rebecca about her amazing spirit of giving and awesome Non-Profit.

She is devoted and committed to Haircuts With Heart with all her heart.  And for this, she is truly a hero.  Rebecca, you are amazing for the awesome work you do!

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Here’s the Interview.

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