Greta Thunberg – Breaking Records At 16

So every so often comes a remarkable anomaly. A person who will take the world by storm. One with a great calling that is pre-ordained.

This person is destined for greatness and will blaze a trail of glory. Greta Thunberg is that person.

At sixteen she is now the youngest person ever in the history of the magazine to be nominated person of the year.

She graces the cover boldly standing up fiercely owning all every little bit of her greatness.

Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg as she was formerly named is Swedish climate change activist and she has been setting stages on fire.

Her voice passionate about her cause, her delivery assured, her presence prominent, her resolve unwavering.

Greta first became known for her activism when she was only 15 years in 2018 where she began spending school days outside Swedish parliament. She was serious about her cause and was calling on politicians to take stronger action on global warming with a sign in Swedish that read, “School strike for the climate.”

And there one little strike at a time she began getting noticed. And with a little backing she then began finding her voice and speaking before in the beginning what were small crowds and then later to crowds of thousands.

See this powerhouse in action and some of her speeches that landed her on the cover of time as the Time’s Person of the Year 2019.

Global Warming is a very real threat. And with many politicians wanting to brush it aside in exchange for a more economic focused agenda well then please see some staggering statistics about the threat we’re under. The Natural Resources Defense Council shares this insightful breakdown – Global Warming 101 lays out the definition, facts, causes and effects.

And let this stinging example of what bravery and destiny look like lead us into 2020.

Check out Greta for her Time Magazine Person of the Year 2019 photo shoot. Dare I call her cute. She’d probably prefer fierce or bad in the good sense of course, but most certainly awesome.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.