Mindful Living – Getting Started


So you all know by now I’m not just a writer, but I’m also an energy worker. To be more precise, I’m a Reiki Master and a Mindfulness Trainer.

As someone who not only teaches mindfulness, but practices at this stage in life it has very much become me. I am what I preach. And I sincerely preach it and teach it not only with the utmost sincerity, but also with great passion.

Mindfulness is the game changer. This is the thing that will take you soaring in life day in and day out. This is the means by which we find sustained happiness.

This is one of the questions I get asked more than any other question – “How do I not only find happiness, but how do I sustain it? Keep it around long term? Make it last?”

It’s by way of mindfulness that you come to a peaceful place in life where you can sense and feel longterm joy and calm set in.

So let’s start by understanding exactly what Mindfulness is and then we’ll delve deeper into Mindful living.

You have to obviously start with mindfulness to get to a place where you begin to live mindfully from moment to moment.

Mindfulness is yoga essentially. It’s meditation. Yoga in the western world has been turned into something else. In the east Yoga is Mindfulness. It’s a means to take your awareness and consciousness to a higher state. And all of the stretching and asanas we see here in the west are a predecessor to the actual yoga. That was just the warm up before you elevate your awareness to a higher dimension.

So Mindfulness is way to drop in so to speak on yourself. Drop in to your inner self and tune in on the inside. Take your awareness away from all of the external stimuli and bring that awareness to the inner corridors of your being.

Mindfulness is the way to engage fully and deeply with life. It’s through practicing awareness from moment to moment that we wake up and become fully present to life.

When we practice mindfulness long term we begin to see life take on new meaning.

The more we do the greater awareness we bring to each moment. The more we are able to sit in silence and in acceptance of all that is the greater peace and solitude we manifest inside.

Mindfulness is the practice of sitting in stillness and just being. And no it’s not about turning your mind off or turning your thoughts off. That is not possible.

However it is possible to slow your mind down. And over time you will find that you have less racing thoughts and while you will still be actively thinking it will be at a much slower pace.

And the beauty of it is this, it allows us to learn to be more at peace and more in acceptance of what is. If you have an uncomfortable thought that’s perfectly fine. You are in acceptance of it. You don’t react to it, you just simply be in acceptance of it.

And over time the more you do this the less reactive you become. Through mindfulness you learn to be and be at peace with what is. You learn to sit in peace with even the uncomfortable thoughts.

So the longer we practice this the more calm and the more serene our external world becomes.

If you’ve never meditated before that’s ok. I want to ensure it’s much easier than you’ve probably imagined.

To help you get started download my free Guided Bliss Meditation here. I walk you through the process step by step.

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