Here’s To A – Happy New You

Rather than wishing a Happy New Year I find it befitting to be wishing a Happy New You, me included.  After all the New Year is always loaded with resolutions, aims, goals, possibilities, hopes and aspirations.  My resolution for the year is to be a “Happy New Me,” to the best of my abilities.  While I’ve got the typical resolutions on my 2016 list; getting into prime shape, getting more sleep, dropping sugar completely, I’m also continuing the process of my soul evolution.  I’m hopeful this will be another year of change and transformation and depth of realization.  I’m hoping to tap in to a part of my higher consciousness, just a tad bit higher than last year.  That’s a sign of real progress I suppose.  As I’ve always said and always been told we never stop evolving and soul growth is a life long journey.  The “Happy New Me” this year is also feeling a little more optimistic about things to come.  Ideally the “Happy New Me” will be striving to be Happier more often.  As a conscious practice this will entail being much more mindful of the little good things.  Life is full of little treasures.  We just have to take note.  As a general rule I do my best to remember that life is made up of moments, all too fleeting, good and bad.  Ideally it’s the good ones we want to focus on to give us perspective and help us be grateful.  It’s the good fleeting moments we have to tap into to get aligned with our higher selves.  While the not so great moments are also an opportunity to tap into evolution, we have to ensure we have total perspective and mindfully take in the good with the bad.  This is where the balance comes in.At this juncture in life I think there is always room for growth and improvement and being a Happier New Better version of our 2015 selves is something pretty awesome to strive for.  When we start to want to improve and be better we make those around us be better and in turn that makes our oh so awesome cosmic universe oh so much better.  Let’s remember we are one collective consciousness.  When we smile and spread cheer those around smile and spread cheer.  Here’s to a Happy New Year as A Happy New You and Me.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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