How Magical Is Twilight?

I know it’s not just me.  This I’m sure of.  There is something indeed totally magical about twilight.  I’ve felt this sort of magical nostalgia from a very young age at this time of day or dusk rather.  It’s always so mystical, magical and fantastical.  There truly is some serious wonderment about twilight.  There is something very calming about the day turning to night.  It marks another day done in this crazy game of life.  Another dusk dawning in our calendar.  It also is cyclical and puts the days, weeks and time in some sort of cognitive perspective.  It makes time measurable even on the minutest scale.  I remember nightfall always being filled with delusions of darkness and even despair.  It always had some negative or scary sort of undertone to it.  It wasn’t bright and the sky fell to night which meant it was time to come inside.  There was no more roaming around outside in the neighborhood or at the park or on our bikes.  Night had descended and their were potential dangers lurking or so we were lead to believe by the adults.  It’s not that I was instilled and injected with fear, but it was just common folklore, common understanding for all of us children that when night fell it was no longer safe for us to be outside.  How my little mind processed this and the ghosts and goblins I conjured up around this notion were solely on me, but no thanks to all the big people who always made sure to gather all us little ones up at night and get us back in safe and sound.  As I got older I started coming up with my own sense of security around nighttime.  I always needed a little night.  The pitch black was an absolute no-go for me.  However twilight, that period before total darkness always seemed surreal and so full of awe and wonder for me.  I loved how the night sky would change a myriad of colors.  I noticed this wherever I went.  I’ve seen a lot of different night skies in different places and they always had their own magnificently unique way of forming twilight.  Regardless it was always stunning.  As the sun would begin to set and darkness would descend there was always a feeling of energetic calm that would set in and around me. There was a peacefulness all around that set in at twilight as the sun would dip and the moon would reach higher into the hemisphere.  The first little twinkles of the brightest stars would pop up and the sky would begin to do it’s beautiful lustful and wistful thing as it turned completely dark.  This evening twilight descended oh so magnificently.  The birds were chirping.  The sky was a misty purple and pink with hints of golden yellow.  I’m glad I took those few moments to marvel at all its glory.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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